Oct. 22, 2020

Inspiring Spiritual Journey Meditation Around The World

Inspiring Spiritual Journey Meditation Around The World

This Spiritual Journey Meditation has been recorded with the  528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency. Please use headphones when listening. Most people tend to prefer a low to medium volume, but it’s ultimately up to you and your personal preference.

Disclaimer: Those meeting any of the following conditions, whether knowingly or not, should not listen to the audio provided: Epileptics, Pregnant women, Those who are wearing a pacemaker, Those prone to or have had seizures. They are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. No medical claims are intended, expressed, or implied.

What is special about 528 Hz?

The 528 Hz frequency is the most significant of the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. Known as the “love” frequency, it has a deep-rooted relationship with nature and is present in everything from Chlorophyll to human DNA. It also has mathematical significance and proven healing potential.

What is a spiritual journey meditation?

Spiritual journey meditation is an experience that takes you to the depths of who you are. You, as your real self, stripped of all the perceptions you had about yourself until that point in your life.

At its very essence, spiritual meditation with practice will allow you to connect to something that is deeper and more expansive than just yourself. It may seem at first glance that it may be paradoxical, but this journey is a path of deep that can revile yourself through honest and authentic self-reflection of who you really are.

The increasing peace and blessings in your life from a spiritual meditation journey will have a ripple effect throughout your life.  As your spiritual awareness and confidence increase, so will your desire and ability to benefit others and even extend out into the world.

Many people believe that it takes great discipline in their spiritual walk or some form of enlightenment to deeply connect with their spiritual essence. In fact, it's the small, consistent practice combined with the right action that will dramatically create the shift as to how we truly relate not only to ourselves and to the world around us.

When we are able to connect to the world and ourselves, we can then begin to create a life for ourselves that becomes increasingly meaningful and spiritually fulfilling. 

It is my hope that this "Inspiring Spiritual Journey Meditation  Around The World" mp3 will play some small part to help you in that direction.

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