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Finding great value!

“thank you for sharing your brilliance with the world”

Highly recommend!

Both the guidance and the music offered by the Meditation Like Skills Podcast really can serve as gateway to a deeper meditation practice. Thanks so much!

Thanks for your podcast!!

This can't be the first email from a listener saying thank you for the content you are putting out with Meditation Life Skills Podcast - How To Meditate but I personally wanted to thank you so much for the content you put out on your Podcast!

How to practice mindfulness in your daily routine

I hope you're staying well! I came across your post on how to practice mindfulness in your daily routine, and definitely needed the reminder to slow down and take it one thing (and one day) at a time — this is such an easy thing to overlook when you feel stressed!

I've never experienced a podcast like this before...

Why pay for meditation mp3s when you can just download and amp up your meditation practice? Awsome meditation music and guided meditations to take me to new levels. This is a treasure trove of learning and healing. Thanks!

Mind Blowing

I love, love this site, so many mind-blowing podcasts, articles and it just keeps growing. How big can it grow, to the universe and beyond cause if you just got here, hold on your life will change for the better, less stress, happier I mean even my kids have noticed, so I tell them if want they ca…

New downloads so much to choose

Great podcast, I live on this site first thing in the mourning I bring it up and bang a new podcast to listen to while I work. Amazing downloads to choose from and great music that gets me started right in the morning. Thank you so much I tell my friends about do you, you should a lot of people n…

I've never heard or tried brainwave entrainment meditations. I've really been missing out!

What an incredible experience, I feel so different and completely relaxed. I'm going to download all of them into my phone for my meditation sessions. Thank you for the incredible meditation mp3s! You guys rock!!!


The surprise, wonder and delight of this site is amazing. I have been looking around doing meditations but not sure of how or what to do then I was told of this site, even my 7 yr old liked and wants to do meditation with me how wonderful is that, teach your children to meditate and they will live…

I found it!!!!

The only site that has this much information man what a gold mind, I am learning to meditate and this site has it all podcast a great, great articles. So glad to find this site, I hope you grow so large helping those who need help with their minds.

Someone told me about this site

At last a site that gives you want you are looking for in one place. Resources abound the owner must work hard for us to do such a great job at putting up very interesting articles to awesome podcast. Thank you for the awesome job on this site.

Resources out of this world

The information on this wonderful site is amazing, so much for everyone, if your new to meditation to being a master of it you will find it here. No more having to buy this and that this site has it ALL.

I love meditation and Frequencies

I love it, it was clear and beautiful music. Meditation opens me up with out the stress, so if your dealing with stress or anything meditating is the way to go.

I was looking for a meditation podcast to help me meditate better. I found it!

Wow, so many guided meditations and incredible meditation music of all types. I can't stop listening and downloading the episodes! Thank you for this valuable meditation resource.

Want to learn how to meditate? Def start here!

If you feel intimidated by meditation, Don will immediately put you at ease! His voice is so soothing and his approach is very accessible! He also provides you with the opportunity to sample so many different types of meditation, so you can find the one that works best for you!

So many meditation resources!

Wow! What a plethora of meditations and meditation resources. There is so much content here for people of every spectrum in their meditation practice. Meditation completely positively changed my life but when I started years ago it wasn’t as easy to find so many resources. If you’re just getting st…