June 6, 2021

The Spiritual Quickening Is Here, Now. You Must Be All You Can Be

The Spiritual Quickening Is Here, Now. You Must Be All You Can Be

The spiritual quickening is an inflow of divine vitality into the body, which follows the affirmation of Truth. To quicken is to make alive. The quickening of the Spirit in the mortal body makes it eternal and incorruptible, not subject to death and corruption.

Spiritual quickening is waking up the whole human to the full consciousness of what we are and how we exist in the ascended state of humanity. The sense mankind is only half-awake, going about in a dream and thinking it is real life.

Connect with a Spiritual Community

Everyone participating in our awakening community is passionate about their own personal spiritual journey of Self-discovery. The knowledge, exercises, and discussions foster a life where one begins to experience the magic through disciplines and courageously conquering patterns and dynamics in their everyday life.

The CFT™ and its spiritual meditation community is truly a tool for seekers to utilize in accessing and experiencing their Divine Selves. Our monthly classes provide new lessons, exercises, and discussions. Activities are optional with camaraderie ensured on the sometimes-lonely journey to deep spiritual wisdom and development.

We welcome you to join our spiritual community.

Who is Zalah?

Zalah walked away from a successful business career to find freedom by going deep within spiritually. Studying abroad with a living Master for seven years, he brought his knowledge of ancient truths back to Canada to grow through huge life challenges.

For 20 years, his powerful teachings have helped students make sense out of their life experiences and dynamics. Through a series of teachings and events, Zalah helps his students find the magic in their lives again.

His passion for his teachings and the fact that he lives everything he teaches, empowers his students to live their best life and bring their unique gifts to the world.


What is The Centre for Transformation™ Online Community All About? We all feel "The Quickening" that we are going through. At the CFT™, we offer a spiritual path to understanding and coping with it. We enable you to capitalize on this wave of re-calibration in pursuit of a new level of evolution and sanity.

We bring together those who are ready for the next big leap in their spiritual evolution. At the CFT™ you will have access to a full spectrum of philosophy and experiential classes, from the beginner to very advanced sacred guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and community.

We provide you with empowering tools that offer real answers to real problems and issues. We strive to help our members grow through the challenges before them and continually evolve toward their full potential, with every day a profound adventure of the soul.

Our Centre is truly a special space where transformation occurs.

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