October 21, 2021
Life-Changing Healing White Light Guided Visualization

What is a white light meditation, and how does it work? Known in Sanskrit as Jyoti Dhyana, white light meditation is an intense meditation practice that helps you to benefit from your body's natural healing capacity and wellness potential. Regularly enga...

What is a white light meditation, and how does it work?

Known in Sanskrit as Jyoti Dhyana, white light meditation is an intense meditation practice that helps you to benefit from your body's natural healing capacity and wellness potential. Regularly engaging in this white light meditation practice assists you to become more aware of the genuine nature of your spirit, soul, and inner self.

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The use of white light during meditation is becoming increasingly common. It's a mood booster that you can take with you practically anyplace.

I highly recommend practicing this technique if you find yourself with a few spare minutes throughout the day. It will allow you to spend some of those extra minutes in guided white light meditation.

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Pure white light is a potent source of energy because of its purity and brightness. When you experience something as a result of your meditation, embrace it. This light might serve as an additional tool to help you gain a better understanding of yourself.

Begin White Light Meditation Script

This is a white light meditation. And this meditation, we're going to be using a pure form of energy, that will absorb all your negative emotions, attachments, feelings of anxiety, and stress. And you will be feeling totally relaxed by the end of this.

The light that we are going to be using is the purest form of energy that came straight from the Big Bang. 13 point 8 billion years ago, there was an explosion of energy. And everything that you can see around you, in this physical reality, is from that original explosion 13 point 8 billion years ago. Everything you see is simply an expression of energy clustered together differently by gravity.

This purest form of energy resides in everyone and everything. And what we're going to be doing today is activating this pure energy within your body, to allow it to push out all of the negative emotions.

So first of all, I want you to focus on my voice. There is nothing else that you need to focus on, other than what I'm saying, right now. I'm going to guide you through a visual meditation, that will allow your mind, and your body to find its reset button. So you can find that balance again in your life.

First of all, I want you to imagine this purest form of white energy within you, inside your stomach, this white energy is basically love. Everything about it is good. There is nothing about this energy, which has any negativity attached to it. It is pure goodness, it is healing energy.

This energy is slowly moving down your legs into your feet. You may start to feel your feet tingling, you may start to feel a sensation. What this is going to do is release the tension in your feet, in your toes, and your ankles, and your feet are going to slowly feel more at ease and less tense. They're going to feel more and more relaxed.

The longer you imagine this white energy within your feet flowing around all the veins getting to the end of your toes circulating around and around, cleaning out all this negative energy from your feet.

Now, this white energy is moving up into your calf muscles and into your shin bones. The lower part of your leg, it's expanding from top to bottom this energy and allows your calf muscles to feel at ease. The tension is slowly fading away, and the bottom half of your legs are feeling more, and more relaxed.

The white energy is now moving up into your thighs, and your hamstrings, and your quadriceps muscles. This white energy is intensely cleaning out all the negativity from your upper legs. Our upper legs tend to feel a lot of tension and stress. Especially at the end of the day when we've been on our feet all day. That's where we hold a lot of this negative energy.

This white energy, pure goodness is going to absorb it for you. It's going to eradicate every part of badness, that you can feel within your upper legs. And all that will be left is this feeling of relaxation, you may also start to feel tingling in this part of your body. And if you do, that's a sign that this energy is doing what it needs to do.

Now the energy is moving up into your hips, and into your abdominal muscles, and up the lower part of your back. That area is swirling around like water and a washing machine around and around and around and around like a whirlpool in the ocean.

And the more it spins, the cleaner the lower part of your belly becomes clean in terms of cleansing, the negative emotions, anxieties, worries, the butterfly feelings that we get in this part of our body, are slowly beginning to become less tense. And more and more, and more relaxed. And you're starting to feel really good. Thanks to this beautiful white light.

Now we're moving up to your shoulders, and upper back. And your neck tends to be a lot of tension in this area. And this is where our bodies struggle quite a lot from time to time, especially if we've had a bad night's sleep, and we've slept on our backs funny. Or if we've been working hard all day, carrying things if you're a builder, or if you are someone has to carry heavy loads, you'll feel it in this part of your body.

This energy is going to flow around this area like a diamond. Starting from your neck, it's going to move down into your left shoulder which is then going to move into your upper back, over to your right shoulder, and then back up into your neck like a diamond.

And I want you to imagine this white light moving in that way, cleansing the area, releasing the tension, the more, and more times this white light moves around this diamond shape, the more you feel the tension going and it becomes less, and less, and less. And these pains and aches, are relieving themselves, finally.

And you may start to feel a little emotional at this point. Because we hold on to these tensions for a long time, sometimes without realizing it because we don't allow ourselves to have time to release these negative energies in our life. When we allow ourselves this time, it has a lot of health benefits.

And you'll start to notice a lot of positive things, in terms of your physical performance throughout the day. Keep imagining this white light for a moment moving around like a diamond. Want you to start imagining the light picking up the pace a bit and start getting a bit more intense in a smooth way. Do you feel that do you feel that relaxation? Good. Now this area is completely cleaned.

Now we're moving up into an important part of your body, the mind. This is an area that many people struggle with in life. But it's an area, that if we can get on top of them we can become extremely successful within our lives.

And this meditation is going to help you get on top of your mind, and feel like you're in control again. I want you to imagine the washing machine motion again, swirling throughout your mind. Cleaning all the negative thoughts, all the overthinking all the sadness, all the limiting beliefs. All of them are being cleansed. And all that's left is the purest form of you.

Keep imagining that washing machine motion. Round, and round, and round, and round. You might even start feeling happy and feeling really good after this meditation. Because the mind is really good at holding on to things that don't serve us. So this meditation will help you to let go. This visual meditation going to be very powerful for you. And by the end of it, you're going to feel like you're in a great mental space.

Feel that emotion. You're starting to feel good again. You're starting to feel like the real you again.

Say thank you to yourself, for allowing yourself to have this time to heal. This is a healing meditation. I hope you have a wonderful day.

End Of White Light Meditation Script

I've finally seen the light. What now?

It's all up to you and what you want to achieve. Many people who have had third-eye experiences have regretted opening it after seeing the lights. Although these experiences are rare, most people who have them do so out of curiosity and gratitude.

Whether you practice traditional or New Age meditation, the goal is the same: to experience a sense of illumination. Think of it like this: A meditator may utilize Buddhist visualization techniques to see the light as an expression that alleviates the suffering of all living creatures, bringing permanent happiness to those who receive it.

Intense meditation can create light visions as a side effect of sensory deprivation, but deliberate visualization is different.

Tokpa Korlo, a sobriety activist and meditator, says that one of the benefits of regular mindfulness practice is the development of love and compassion for others. Meditation and other mindfulness techniques can help people better perceive and appreciate what they have right in front of them right now.

28 Mindfulness Techniques And Ideas To Enhance Your Life

When people reach this degree of inner peace and contentment, they naturally wish to spread that happiness to other people. The capability of appreciating present moment power in a mindful way is a springboard for further study into the nature of the mind and how to effectively use what we discover for the greater good.

You may have a "white light experience" when practicing mindfulness or awareness meditation. In the event that something occurs, simply accept it as a fact of life. Mindfulness training allows you to see the light as a mental event, note it, and return to your practice when it appears or fades away.

A white light experience can be incorporated into the examination of the mind for people who are meditating with mindfulness.

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