May 8, 2023

20-Minute Yoga Nidra Meditation: As Restful As Deep Sleep

20-Minute Yoga Nidra Meditation: As Restful As Deep Sleep

Giovanni Dienstmann is the creator of Live and Dare, one of the top five most popular meditation blogs on the planet. As an international author, meditation coach and speaker, Giovanni is an expert in helping people overcome anxiety and stress to to live a calmer and more centered life.

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Giovanni Dienstmann is the creator of Live and Dare, one of the top five most popular meditation blogs on the planet. As an international author, meditation coach and speaker, Giovanni is an expert in helping people overcome anxiety and stress to live a calmer and more centered life.

He is the author of the best-selling book Practical Meditation, which is available in eight different languages and has been popularly called “The Meditation Bible”.

With over 9,000 hours of personal meditation practice, and a diverse training in meditation methodologies from different traditions, Giovanni brings a practical and unique approach to help both meditation novices and spiritual seekers alike.

To learn more about Giovanni and his work, visit

What is Yoga Nidra Meditation? Yoga Nidra is a type of guided meditation that is often practiced before sleep or during relaxation time. It is a form of mindfulness meditation where you focus on your breath and body while remaining aware of your thoughts and feelings.  

The goal of Yoga Nidra is to reach a state of complete relaxation, both mentally and physically. In this state, you are said to be in between wakefulness and sleep.  

Yoga Nidra has many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and reducing pain. It is a safe and effective meditation practice for all levels. Why try Yoga Nidra Meditation? Yoga Nidra is a powerful yet simple relaxation technique that helps reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and clarity, and promote inner peace.  

Yoga Nidra meditation can help you let go of the day's worries and be fully present in the moment. It can help you gain clarity, giving you insights into the decisions you need to make. Additionally, it can help balance your emotions and ground you in a non-judgmental mindset, allowing you to be mindful of your experiences.  

Yoga Nidra can also be beneficial for physical healing. It helps to relax tense, tight muscles and joints and alleviate pain from various conditions. The relaxation this meditation brings can promote better digestion, improved immune system function, and enhanced well-being.  

Yoga Nidra is an incredibly versatile and beneficial practice for people of all ages, genders, and religious backgrounds. If you’re looking for a way to reduce stress and gain a greater sense of inner peace, yoga Nidra is a great option!

How to do Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra meditation is a powerful practice that requires just 20 minutes to complete.  

1. To begin, find a comfortable and quiet space where you will be free from distractions. Lie down on your back and make sure you are warm and cozy.  

2. Start by taking a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax even further. Close your eyes and begin to notice the way your body feels.  

3. Now start to clear your mind, letting go of all your thoughts, worries, and concerns. Visualize a wave of relaxation coming over your body, and allow it to take over you.  

4. The next step is to be aware of all the sensations and emotions that come up without judgment. Allow them to come and go without getting attached to them. This can help you build a greater sense of self-awareness.  

5. Now bring your attention to your breath and start to count the breaths. With each exhalation try and relax deeper. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, counting each inhalation from 1 to 10 and then starting from one again.  

6. Continue this breathwork until you reach the 10th count and then allow yourself to relax completely. Stay in this state for as long as you feel comfortable and then come back to the present moment whenever you feel ready.

The Benefits of Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that can bring powerful physical, mental, and emotional benefits. This meditation, known as the “Yoga of Sleep," can help bring relaxation and rejuvenation. With regular practice, you can notice changes in your overall well-being.  

Here are some benefits of yoga Nidra to consider:  

1. Stress Relief: Regular practice can help reduce stress and anxiety, positively impacting physical and mental health.  

2. Improved Sleep: Yoga Nidra is often called “sleep with awareness.” As you practice regularly, you can experience improved sleep quality, less fatigue, and more energy throughout the day.  

3. Increased Concentration: With improved concentration, you are more likely to stay focused and be more productive.  

4. Greater Awareness: In yoga Nidra meditation, you become increasingly mindful and can maintain awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  

5. Enhanced Creativity: Since meditation encourages creativity and problem-solving, it can help enhance this ability and improve the creative process.  

Yoga Nidra meditation is a powerful practice capable of bringing about positive changes in the physical, mental, and emotional realms. Regular exercise can go a long way toward improving your overall well-being.  

If you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating meditation practice, look no further than Yoga Nidra! strives to present meditation concepts that connect east and west, tradition and science in a non-sectarian way, from multiple traditions and not promoting any particular technique or method.

One important principle I try to accomplish is to take complex ideas about meditation and the not-so-well understood meditation principles to help you understand how they can fit into your life.

To your success in meditation!

Don Weyant/Founder

NOTE: Listen to this audio file as much as you want in a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down. For best results, we strongly suggest listening with headphones. 

Cell phone speakers and other one-speaker systems, laptops, and other devices will degrade sound quality. Listeners may experience different results.

***This work is not meant to replace medical or counseling guidance from a qualified practitioner. Please get professional care if you suffer from a physical or mental disease.