April 20, 2019

Theta Wave Binaural Beats Meditation For Insight and Intuition

Theta Wave Binaural Beats Meditation For Insight and Intuition

For those of you who don’t know what Theta waves are – they’re number ‘2’ of the slowest type of brainwave that occurs regularly in your brain.

(For Best Results Please Use Headphones)

Theta waves normally surface when you’re experiencing potent emotions, including when you’re most creative or have heightened spiritual feelings.

Binaural beats can help you experience your true self and feelings by using Theta waves in recordings designed especially to improve a behavior pattern or get rid of an addiction.

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There’s another brainwave called “Beta” that influences other areas of your brain.

When you’ve been on Beta brainwaves too long, you might experience imbalances in your potassium and sodium levels. Your conscious level then experiences a lack of concentration and mental fatigue.

Sodium and potassium levels can be reset when you experience Theta waves. These two minerals help transport valued chemicals in and out of brain cells. When these two important mineral levels are reset, you’ll feel refreshed, mentally relaxed and ready to focus on work or creative pursuits.

Since we’re all different, many of us can delve into Theta states easier than others. Those who practice relaxation and meditation techniques on a regular basis are more likely to experience the many positive effects of Theta brain waves more naturally – and faster.

It may also help to know that Theta waves are found in our brains when we experience deep relaxation, a spurt of learning activity and when we’re close to sleep. Understandably, Theta waves occur more often in children.

Scientific studies have found that people who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can’t focus as well because of less activity of Theta waves.

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More people are realizing the positive benefits of Theta waves – and are using binaural beats to achieve a Theta state of mind. Some other positive effects of Theta waves are: