March 4, 2021

Short Guided Body Scan Meditation For Cleansing And Relaxing

Short Guided Body Scan Meditation For Cleansing And Relaxing

What does guided body scan meditation do?

A guided body scan meditation is one of the most effective ways to begin a meditation practice. Practice this guided body scan meditation anytime you feel stress or several times throughout the day as a regular practice.
During a guided body scan meditation
, you'll notice how each body part feels, from your toes up through your legs, chest, arms, and head.

The purpose is to tune in to your body—to reconnect to your physical self—and notice any sensations you're feeling without judgment.

What are the benefits of a guided body scan meditation?

Enter the body scan, a meditative practice that involves mindfully scanning your body for sensations of pain, tension, or anything out of the ordinary.

Why a guided body scan meditation is important to your practice

  • improved sleep from your body's relaxation response.
  • anxiety and stress relief because your body is completely relaxed.
  • greater self-awareness.
  • increased self-compassion.
  • reduced pain.
  • reduced cravings when quitting smoking.

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