Feb. 23, 2019

Guided Meditation Visualization To Overcome Anxiety

Guided Meditation Visualization To Overcome Anxiety

Guided Meditation For Anxiety Script – Overcome Anxiety

In this guided meditation for anxiety, we will relax to release stress and use visualization to overcome anxiety. We live in a hectic world where chaos is common and stress creates anxiety and conditions that can hold you back from living a full and enjoyable life.

(For Best Results Please Use Headphones)

In order to be relieved of anxiety, it is important to understand what causes it … anxiety may come about as a result of things that you have been doing, or thoughts that you’ve been thinking about the future …

It can be an intense and anxiety provoking memory of a traumatic past event in your life, or even a series of events … anxiety can come from your own experiences or sometimes the experiences of others … It can be triggered by accidents, illnesses, the death of loved ones, or results of incidents that you were suddenly thrust into.

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Most often it comes from our thoughts and how we see the situation. Thoughts of the future and the unknown…. Anxiety can come quickly and unexpectedly … and leave just as mysteriously as it came.

Fear seems to happen when there is seemingly nothing to fear … and many times the panic or anxiety is simply the silly things we make up in our minds.

So what we must address, is the fear associated with anxiety… after all, anxiety is the fear of things yet to happen…

A guided meditation for anxiety is very helpful in both mild and severe anxiety …

You're going to now learn the art of controlling anxiety. As a result of this session, you can expect to have the ability to manage your anxiety allowing you to be in control of it at all times.

Look forward to feeling happy and so confident that you are now in control.

When we enter the meditative state of relaxation we achieve peace and calm relieving stress immediately and we can also learn new techniques to manage and reduce anxiety significantly.

All that is required of you for this meditation is that you breathe…..

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