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8 Meditation Exercises You Can Use To Meditate More Often

July 1, 2021

These meditation exercises will allow you to meditate every day without needing to reschedule your entire calendar.

1. Meditation Exercises For Beginners: Meditate in Small Intervals

The best way to meditate more is to commit to smaller intervals. Instead of setting aside an hour a day to meditate, set aside multiple intervals of two or five minutes. Meditating in smaller intervals will allow you to disperse your meditation so that you can do more without rescheduling your entire day. 

2. Incorporate Meditation into Your Routine

Another way to meditate more is to simply incorporate it into your routine. Just like anything else, you have to prioritize your meditation. If you don't make it part of your routine, you won't do it.

3. Meditation Exercises For Anxiety: Multitask While You Meditate

The third way to meditate more is to multitask while you meditate. Whenever you perform daily tasks such as cleaning or waiting in line for your coffee, you can do little meditations.

4. Try Yoga To Work Out And Meditate At The Same Time

You can also meditate more by changing out your workout routine. Instead of going to your regular Zumba class, try a yoga class instead. Yoga is a great form of exercise that challenges your mind and body. 

5. Guided Meditation Exercises: Listen to a Guided Meditation While You Shower

Many people use their shower time to reflect and think about their life. So, it makes sense to use that time in order to meditate more. While you are showering, you might want to practice breathing techniques or listen to a guided meditation.

6. Meditate During Commercials

Another great way to meditate more is to meditate during TV commercials. Instead of surfing the web during the commercial breaks, you should use that time in order to strengthen your mind through meditation.

7. Meditation Exercises For Sleep: Fall Asleep to a Guided Meditation

The seventh tip for meditating more is to fall asleep while listening to a guided meditation. Most people need a couple of minutes before they can fall asleep. Use those minutes to listen to a guided meditation. 

8. View Anywhere as Your Meditation Space

The final tip for meditating more is to view anywhere you go as your meditation space. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that you have to meditate in a still, quiet room. Though a quiet room may make meditation easier, any place is suitable for meditation.

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