June 26, 2021

How to Meditate Properly - Discover 7 Tips You Never Heard Before

How to Meditate Properly - Discover 7 Tips You Never Heard Before

By Camilo Buitrago

There are a lot of doubts about how to meditate properly, especially when you learn from a book or you start practicing on your own without guidance. A common question like: Am I doing it right? Is this the right posture? How long should I meditate?

Discover 7 tips on how to meditate properly:

Tip 1: Learn a meditation technique from a good teacher: try to find a guide that has enough knowledge and experience in meditation, be sure you can ask questions when you have difficulties.

Tip 2: Go to a meditation retreat: a retreat is the best possible way to learn a meditation technique, there you have a teacher so you can ask whatever you want, you practice long enough to go deep in the meditation technique you practice and you learn by yourself how to meditate properly.

Tip 3: Don't give so much importance to the posture: many people think that they won't have progressed in meditation if they don't have a good posture, the only guideline is to sit on a posture you can be comfortable for long periods of time and to keep your back straight.

There are certainly some postures that help your meditation, but as a beginner is better to focus on the meditation technique first.

Tip 4: Meditate Daily: A daily meditation practice is the best teacher, with daily practice you start learning how to meditate properly. Is like practicing a sport, you have a teacher that gives you some tips and advice on how to be a better player but you only become a better player by practicing, so when you do it daily the practice becomes second nature, as an athlete who runs every day and the skill becomes part of his or her nature.

Tip 5: Put your heart on it: if you really want to achieve something with meditation is better when you put your heart and effort into it. Enthusiasm is a big part of meditation, having enough faith in the meditation technique you practice and knowing how it improves your life can give you a lot of motivation.

Tip 6: Establish your own pace: when you are starting, try to find your own pace and grow from there, if at the beginning you only can meditate for 15 minutes, then meditate for those 15 minutes and later begin to add more minutes to your practice. Is of no use trying to meditate a lot of hours if you are not consistent with the practice.

Tip 7: Know yourself: see what works for you, if you see that certain foods don't help you to meditate, then try to avoid that kind of food. If you see that is better for you to meditate early in the morning, then try to do it early in the morning. By continuous practice, you will start seeing what helps to meditate properly, follow your own guidance.

These tips can make a big difference in your meditation, learn how to meditate properly, and remember that you are always learning, meditation is so deep and complete that your practice always has a chance to improve.

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