Sept. 17, 2020

Autogenic Training: Guided Autogenic Progressive Relaxation: Alpha/Theta

Autogenic Training: Guided Autogenic Progressive Relaxation: Alpha/Theta

Guided Autogenic Progressive Relaxation Guided Meditation: Alpha/Theta Brainwaves

Autogenic training is a relaxation technique developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz and first published in 1932.

The meditation technique involves the daily practice of sessions that last around 15 to 30 minutes, usually in the morning, at lunch time, and in the evening. During each session, you will repeat a set of visualisations that induce a state of deep, healing relaxation. This technique can be used to alleviate many stress-induced psychosomatic disorders.

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Autogenic simply means spontaneous relaxation, telling yourself to relax by concentrating on relaxing various parts of the body.

This is a good place to start for those who have never practiced any form of relaxation before. Use this session to enter deep alpha and theta states for stress reduction, or entering into lucid dreaming or even heightened sensory and higher states of conscious awareness.

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