Feb. 25, 2019

3 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Meditation Practice At Home

3 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Meditation Practice At Home

3 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Meditation Practice At Home

Have you ever wanted to start your own private meditation practice in your home? but you're just not sure how to get started?

At first glance, doesn't it seem natural that anyone would know how to meditate or start a meditation practice without any help from someone?

I can tell you that some people do, but most of us will have to learn how to meditate from a source outside our selves, either from the internet, a course or book and sometimes even a meditation teacher.

Meditation is like training your mind much like exercise or going to the gym, it only works if you actively engage in your practice

To be perfectly clear, when you start a meditation practice at home, you have to meditate regularly, on a daily basis and with a lot of compassion for yourself in the beginning.

Scientific research has shown that regular, daily meditation is very effective in clinically reducing depression and anxiety. You will also gain additional benefits such as increased focus, greater clarity for solving problems at home and at work.

One of the biggest benefits is a significant reduction in your stress levels making your life and everyone around you much happier.

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Step 1: Set realistic expectations on when and how long you will meditate

If you have never tried to meditate on a consistent and regular basis, don't come out of the gate ready to live in a cave in solitude for the rest of your life.

Start by determining which part of the day you want to meditate, then you can start with a simple five or ten-minute meditation session each day.

Just sit down, set a timer, do the meditation and get up and walk away. Don't forget to congratulate yourself for starting your journey to improve your life.

Find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted behind a closed door. You could even meditate during your lunch break in your car or before you go to work in the parking lot.

Be sure and use an Mp3 meditation timer or a kitchen timer in the beginning until you have a feel for the amount of time that works for you.

Remember, there is not a right or wrong way you could ever learn how to meditate. This is about you and what your needs are.

Step 2: Set a realistic goal before beginning your meditation session

Maybe you have never meditated and just don't know what to expect.

That's completely understandable, what is important is that you simply set an intention and focus your energy towards your meditation sessions.

Create an incentive of some type so that you will want to take the time each day for your meditation session.

Here's a quick meditation you can do anytime or anywhere

Close your eyes, take 3 deep but comfortable breaths to relax, then just sit for a short time, however long you want is fine and focus only on your breath in and out through your nose with your mouth closed.

Now, just focus on your breath where the in and out of each breath through your nose will count a one breath movement.

Breath in and out counting one, then in and out two until you get to the count of ten, then start over and count to ten again until you feel you're ready to stop.

You just created a custom meditation for yourself that you can change in any way that suits you as you move forward.

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