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10 Minute Guided Meditation To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

10 Minute Guided Meditation To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

June 24, 2021

This 10 Minute Guided Meditation is designed to help reprogram your subconscious mind. So your mind is working on your side rather than against you. We, as human beings have inner voices and those inner voices determine who we become.

Have you really tried to reprogram your subconscious mind? Perhaps you've attended seminars, read books, and taken courses, but, in the end, fallen back into the same dysfunctional patterns you've always followed! Why does it always turn out this way?

We struggle to make permanent changes in our lives because we input information only into our conscious minds. Here's the problem: your conscious mind is not what directs your behaviors and belief system. To change your behaviors, you must first reprogram the hard-wired center of your mind: the subconscious mind.

So it's very important for us to make sure that our inner voices are working on our side rather than against us. We live in a society where most people settle for less than what they really want in their life because they adopt limiting beliefs that society holds.

You need to live your life a certain way by set and cultural expectations. Societal expectation. As human beings, we have a lot of pressure put on us to be a specific kind of person. When the reality is we are free beings and we should be able to determine what our life would look like.

That's why today we're going to do this powerful 10 Minute Guided Meditation To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind reprogramming, which is going to involve affirmations.

When we affirmed something when we repeat something, it becomes a part of our subconscious mind, our minds take it in. And then we begin to believe that which then affects our behavior. So we are behaving in a way that's in our own best interest.

Using these strategies will help you program your mind to benefit your mind, body, and soul:

Affirmations. Everyone is familiar with affirmations. These are positive statements that you repeat to yourself each day. Affirmations can be powerful, but they must be used correctly:

Avoid affirmations that are clearly untrue. Your subconscious is flexible, but it’s not willing to seriously consider the ridiculous. Repeating, “I am a billionaire,” is too factually untrue to be accepted by your subconscious. “My financial situation is improving rapidly” is easier to swallow.

Use imagery and emotions to really sell it. See yourself as thin, financially successful, or selling your first novel. Generate the same emotion you would have in that situation.

Repeat your affirmations 3 sessions per day for 5-10 minutes each. Right before falling asleep, right after awakening, and an opportune time during the day are ideal times. For example, if you want to strengthen your

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Live In The Present Moment: The #1 Secret to be Stress-Free

Live In The Present Moment: The #1 Secret to be Stress-Free

June 17, 2021

Today, I want to tell you about the one secret to being stress-free to live in the present moment. Let us start by looking at what stress is and the impact it has on our bodies.

Stress and Your Health

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It is how your body reacts to any challenge or demand. Thoughts, events, or feelings of frustration, anger, or nervousness can result in stress. When your body experiences stress, it releases hormones to make your brain more alert, muscles tense, and pulse increase. 

Some health problems associated with chronic stress include:

● High blood pressure
● Heart disease
● Diabetes
● Obesity
● Depression or anxiety 

The 1 Secret to be Stress-Free: Live In The Present Moment

Now that you know the dangers of stress, you may be thinking of ways to alleviate any chronic or unneeded stress from your life. In short, the 1 secret to be stress-free is to live in the present moment.

When you live in the present moment, you let go of both the past and future to instead live your life with your body, feelings, and immediate situation joined as one. The benefit of living in the present is that you focus on what you can control and let go of things that are out of control.

You might be thinking, “Who doesn’t live in the present moment?” and brush off this advice. But the truth of the matter is that very few people intentionally live in the present.

Let us try a short exercise. I want you to close your eyes and think about everything that you have done today. Especially take note of all the times that you lived in either the past or the future.

Common examples of living outside the present include worrying about tomorrow’s busy schedule, allowing past relationship mistakes to dictate resent relationships, or staying glued to your phone in social situations.  My guess is that a lot of your day was spent worrying about the past or the future. If this sounds like you, then it is time to start living in the present more.

Of course, thinking about your future and reflecting on your past are both good things. In fact, thinking about your past and future helps you to grow and create the life you want. But it is important that you use the past and future to create a present that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Start harnessing your energy towards the ability to live in the present moment. Allow yourself to feel emotions as they come and focus on the tasks that are directly in front of you. As you do this, you will see much of your stress melt away, helping you to live a stress-free life.

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Healing Relaxation Music: 852Hz + 528Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

Healing Relaxation Music: 852Hz + 528Hz Solfeggio Frequencies

June 10, 2021

This peaceful one-hour relaxation music, enhanced with 852Hz + 528Hz Solfeggio Frequencies, is ideal for deep meditation, sleep, rest. Relaxing music can be used as stress relief music or peaceful music when practicing meditation for anxiety or meditation for sleep.

528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency: Repairs DNA, Brings Positive Transformation

852 Hz Frequency: Awakens Intuition, Raises Energy at Cellular Level
Solfeggio Frequencies are long associated with meditation music.
These musical tones were first adopted by the Gregorian Monks when they chanted in meditation. Many believe Solfeggio Frequencies penetrate deep into the conscious and subconscious mind, stimulating inner healing.

In these busy and uncertain times, it can be difficult to create a sense of balance and find peace in our lives. By listening to relaxation music with Solfeggio Frequencies, you can create a zone of peace that allows you to experience each day from a place of alignment and balance with your true nature.

Stanford University researchers found that listening to HEALING MUSIC can change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.

Music connects with the automatic nervous system (brain function, blood pressure, and heartbeat) and the limbic system (feelings and emotions). When slow music is played, the bodily reaction follows suit– the heart blow slows down and blood pressure drops. This causes the breath to slow, which helps release tension in the neck, shoulders, stomach, and back.

Calming music can also be used as work music to improve work productivity when you study and many people find it useful as concentration music, work music, or study music as it is really effective for concentration.

Quieting your mind does not mean you will automatically feel sleepy. It means your brain and body are relaxed, and with your new calm self, you can then function at your best in many activities.

Healing and Renewal. It has been proven that when the body and mind are relaxed, the body's natural ability to heal itself is greatly enhanced. Listening to relaxation music improves your mood by releasing dopamine, the feel-good brain chemical that is involved when people experience pleasure and reward.

Stay focused on the music itself. If you find yourself thinking about other things (or even thinking thoughts about the music), gently redirect your attention to the present moment, the sound of the music, and the feelings in your body that the music evokes. Try to really feel the music.

Many people use relaxing meditation music or peaceful music to find inner peace or use our relaxing music for yoga or during your Zen meditation session.  This relaxing meditation music provides a great opportunity for meditation for sleep and relaxation.

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The Spiritual Quickening Is Here, Now. You Must Be All You Can Be

The Spiritual Quickening Is Here, Now. You Must Be All You Can Be

June 6, 2021

The spiritual quickening is an inflow of divine vitality into the body, which follows the affirmation of Truth. To quicken is to make alive. The quickening of the Spirit in the mortal body makes it eternal and incorruptible, not subject to death and corruption.

Spiritual quickening is waking up the whole human to the full consciousness of what we are and how we exist in the ascended state of humanity. The sense mankind is only half-awake, going about in a dream and thinking it is real life.

Connect with our Spiritual Community

Everyone participating in our awakening community is passionate about their own personal spiritual journey of Self-discovery. The knowledge, exercises, and discussions foster a life where one begins to experience the magic through proven disciplines.

The CFT™ and its spiritual meditation community is truly a tool for seekers to utilize in accessing and experiencing their Divine Selves. Our monthly classes provide new lessons, exercises, and discussions. Activities are optional with camaraderie ensured on the sometimes-lonely journey to deep spiritual wisdom and development.

Who is Zalah?

Zalah walked away from a successful business career to find freedom by going deep within spiritually. Studying abroad with a living Master for seven years, he brought his knowledge of ancient truths back to Canada to grow through huge life challenges.

For 20 years, his powerful teachings have helped students make sense out of their life experiences and dynamics. Through a series of teachings and events, Zalah helps his students find the magic in their lives again.


What is The Centre for Transformation™ Online Community All About? We all feel "The Quickening" that we are going through. At the CFT™, we offer a spiritual path to understanding and coping with it.

We bring together those who are ready for the next big leap in their spiritual evolution. At the CFT™ you will have access to a full spectrum of philosophy and experiential classes, from the beginner to very advanced sacred guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and community. 

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3 Easy Ways To Be Mindful During A Chaotic Day At Work

3 Easy Ways To Be Mindful During A Chaotic Day At Work

June 3, 2021

3 Ways To Be Mindful At Work: Work can be one of the most stressful parts of a person's life, and chaotic days at work are even worse. To both be productive at work and enjoy your life, it is important to learn how to be mindful amidst the work chaos.

1. Use Your Breaks Wisely

Although it can be tempting to pull out your phone and mindlessly scroll through social media, one of the best ways for mindfulness in the workplace is to use your breaks wisely and intentionally.
28 Mindfulness Techniques And Ideas To Enhance Your Life

Try to use your break time to recharge and reset physically, mentally, and emotionally. For example, try meditative breathing, gratitude journals, or journaling, in general, to try to be mindful during your work break. If none of those ideas work for you, then simply find a way to recharge your batteries while still being present in the moment.

If you use your work breaks more wisely, you will be more energized and level-headed when you get back to work. As a result, you will be able to be more productive, handle your projects better, and connect with your coworkers.

2. Learn How To Say “No”

At work, it can be tempting to agree to nearly every project that gets placed on your desk. Obviously, you want to do your best and put your best foot forward for getting a bonus or promotion. However, saying “yes” to all tasks is not always in your or your company’s best interest.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or overworked, you need to learn how to say “no.” If you agree to all projects, especially when you feel overwhelmed, both you and the work will suffer, which is not the best strategy for being an efficient and functional worker.

Mindfulness and Meditation: Discover Your Best Personal Power

When you say “no” to a project, make sure you remain professional and respectful. Simply explain that you have too much work on your plate already, ask if someone else can handle the job, or ask if you can accomplish the task at a later date.

3. Be A Single-Tasker

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a multitasker, which is when you try to do two or more tasks at the same time or switching back and forth between them. Even if you think you are a great multitasker, our brains are best at operating on one task at a time. For this reason, it is wise to be a single-tasker, meaning someone who focuses on one task at a time, at work.

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