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5 Minute Guided Meditation For Stress and Anxiety Relief

5 Minute Guided Meditation For Stress and Anxiety Relief

August 26, 2019

Five Minute Guided Meditation Script for RELAXATION and Body Tension Release

Beginning Of 5 Minute Guided Meditation Script:

Begin by lying in a comfortable position, flat on your back with your legs uncrossed, and arms at your side, palms facing downwards.

And once you find yourself in a comfortable position, softly close your eyes, and just focus on your breathing. Noticing how the air enters and exits your body, feeling your stomach rise on every inhale and fall on every exhale.

Take a moment to let your breath slow.... down, feeling your body, heavy on the surface on which you are lying.

All that matters at this moment, is your breath. And the words you are hearing, anytime your mind wanders, that's okay. Just return your awareness back to these words, back to your breath. And as you breathe softly and slowly, you feel yourself letting go.

Entering into a state of deep peace and relaxation. (Long Pause)

And as your breathing continues to soften and deepen, you began to sense the glow of soft blue light, beginning to float down over the top of your head, flowing over your face, bringing deep relaxation as the soft blue light continues to flow down your neck, into your shoulders and your arms.

Everywhere the soft blue light touches, your body experiences a release. As you enter into relaxation and you feel the soft blue light continue now down your chest, you're back, your torso.

Feel yourself sinking into this wave of peace and relaxation as the blue light continues down through your hips, your thighs, your knees, your calves, and all the way down into the soles of your feet so that your entire being is illuminated in soft blue light. And you feel every cell within you relaxing, letting go.

Take this peaceful feeling with you as you slowly begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes, and waking your body back up, for a more relaxed and peaceful stay. And whenever you're ready, slowly rise. As you open your eyes back to the room around you.

End Of 5 Minute Guided Meditation Script

Now more than ever it’s important to take time out to relax your body and mind. With the current economy, it’s not unusual that people would be more anxious and stressed than normal. Sometimes it can feel like you can’t afford to waste a minute on something like relaxing.

I know that seems like a logical conclusion, but I think the better question is can you afford not to find some peaceful moments in your life right now?

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Deep Meditation Music - Use Earth’s Magnetic Field For Healing

Deep Meditation Music - Use Earth’s Magnetic Field For Healing

August 19, 2019

Boost Healing Energy With This Powerful 7.83 Hz Healing Frequency of Earth's Magnetic Field 

Put your headphones on and listen to this deep meditation music wrapped around the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz for deep relaxation and healing of your mind and body.

Did you know that our planet has its own special “pulse”?

This pulse is actually a frequency that results from the electrical charges that run between the earth's surface and the top part of its atmosphere.

This pulse is known as the Schumann Resonance Frequency

The Schumann Resonance has been called the Earth’s heartbeat because every living thing has grown up with this pulse or tone going on in the background.

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

In fact, not having it can cause physiological problems, as NASA found out when monitoring astronauts in orbit. Now, there is actually a frequency generator on each spacecraft to mimic the ‘heartbeat’.

This also explains why many people get “cabin fever” from staying indoors for prolonged periods of time.

Many people who suffer from chronic diseases who spend long periods either at home or in the office usually find great relief from taking a vacation and spending time outdoors.

So it is really important to get outdoors and spend time in nature. We are living creatures and being outside in the fresh air with the sky visible above us is what is most natural to us.

The primary (strongest) Schumann frequency is 7.83 Hz. Others include: 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 Hz

The primary frequency of 7.83 Hz was found to actually correspond to Alpha brainwaves and so understanding this is a very important part of the Alpha Mind System.

Ancient mystics understood the presence of the Earth’s pulse thousands of years ago. The ancient mystics also used meditation techniques to reach alpha states of awareness where their own brain activity would be in perfect harmony with the pulse of the planet.

You can now reach a perfect balance with the Earth’s own healing and life-giving resonance through this special meditation. The meditation is a 15-minute deep meditation music mp3 embedded with a brainwave entrainment track that will take you from waking consciousness and into a deep alpha state that is exactly tuned to 7.83 Hz.

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5 Minute Meditation - Daily Morning Reawakening Session

5 Minute Meditation - Daily Morning Reawakening Session

August 12, 2019

Begin The 5 Minute Meditation - Morning Reawakening Session Script

Begin this meditation while still lying in bed, before completely awakening. Take a moment to feel your body resting on the bed, enjoying the feel of the sheet, the pillow, the comfort you are experiencing, and the beauty of the luxury of waking up slowly. What a beautiful morning this is.

Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold your breath at the top and when you're ready, exhale, a long audible sigh giving your body a stretch as you let it go. Let your breath be gentle as you allow yourself, still with your eyes closed to slowly bring your body up into a seated position in your bed. Take your time. There is no rush.

Timing is working out perfectly for you. Once you find yourself sitting up nice and straight, let your shoulders roll back slightly to open up your chest. Really letting your Heart's energy center open up as you rest your palms in your lap, facing upwards, let your spine be tall and straight.

As you take a deep breath in and feel your abdomen expand. Hold your breath at the top and when you're ready. Exhale. With a long audible sigh. Ah, very good. Now return to breathing slowly and gently this time, cycling your breath in through your nose and out through your mouth at a pace that feels good for you.

As you begin to feel your body waking up, becoming more aware, feeling open, and ready for a beautiful day, say thank you out loud or in your mind for another day. Let gratitude flood your entire being. As you recognize this special moment, let yourself feel willing, open, and ready to experience a beautiful day. Think about all the ways you desire to feel today and let yourself feel those emotions in your heart.

Let yourself confirm that you are ready to experience the emotions you desire to experience today. You are open and willing to receive them.

Breathe in deeply through your nose, holding your breath at the top, letting these feelings build. And as you exhale with a sigh, gently begin to roll your shoulders. Wiggle your fingers on your toes, and when you feel ready, gently open your eyes to the room around you. Ready to embrace another beautiful day.

End Of 5 Minute Meditation - Daily Morning Reawakening Session With Script

You can meditate at any time, however forming a habit first thing in the morning will make it stick. Meditation is like a seed. When you cultivate a seed with love, the more it blossoms.

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Subconscious vs Unconscious Mind: How Self-hypnosis Helps…

Subconscious vs Unconscious Mind: How Self-hypnosis Helps…

August 5, 2019

What is Your Unconscious Mind?

Self-hypnosis is potentially a very powerful tool that you can use to overcome fears, improve physical and mental performance and even help cure addictions.

But without our understanding of the unconscious mind, there would be no such thing as hypnotism, never mind self-hypnosis.

We will look at what precisely the unconscious mind is and how it relates to your sense of wellbeing and your personality at all times.

What is the Unconscious or Subconscious Mind?

Many of us think of Freud as something of a whack job who accused people of fancying their parents. Be that as it may, though, he should also be remembered for the many incredible contributions he made to the world of psychology. Before Freud, there was no psychotherapy or counseling and before Freud, there was no concept of an unconscious mind.

In Freud's view, the unconscious mind vs the subconscious mind was everything going on 'under the surface' throughout our waking lives. He often likened this to an iceberg – where only the very tip is visible with all the rest being murky and inaccessible. So you might say one thing and think another… but on some level, there is more going on under the surface that even you're unaware of.

It's key to note at this point that Freud only ever described an 'unconscious mind' because that was the part of the mind we weren't conscious of. He never used the term 'subconscious' which is really just a misnomer.

Complications In What Our Brain Believes

Our unconscious is made up of all the things our brain believes to be inconsequential or too upsetting for our conscious mind to handle. Thus we often 'repress' memories and thus can't remember them, we deny things and we fail to notice things – but they are all still there working away under the surface. 

And if there are unconscious associations we hold about something or beliefs about something – then these can hold us back and cause us not to perform at our best, or event to become mentally ill.

This then is the role of classic Freudian psychodynamic intervention – to help the individual come to terms and move past these unconscious roadblocks. Freud had many tools for doing this, from the 'inkblot test' to the interpretation of dreams (the 'royal road to the unconscious).

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